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In 1962 on Brazi platform was founded as separate unit, Brazi Petrochemical Factory with its own Design workshops.

In 1971 Brazi Refinery and Brazi Petrochemical Factory merged in G.I.P. Brazi (Industrial Group Petrochemical Brazi).

In 1973 on the structure of G.I.P. Brazi was founded C.I.R.P. Brazi (Refinery and Petrochemical Industrial Central) and Design Department had design workshops in all the refineries all over the country.

In 1990 C I R P Brazi was dissolved, detach itself as a separate structure Brazi Petrochemical Factory, subsequent named PETROBRAZI, with its own Design Section.

In 1997 the Design Section emerges from PETROBRAZI and form a new joint stock company PREMIUM S.A.

Specialized in various fields, PREMIUM collaborates with prestigious companies, having its own certain reputation on the profile market.

PREMIUM means efficiency, technical modern solutions, confirmed in applications, professionalism, experience, timeliness and quality.

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